Charitable Giving, The Spirit of the Workshop

Posted by Chris Cambra on

We haven't updated you in a while and it's due to the fact we've been busy processing orders from you ! We want to say thank you ! The outpouring of support from you our fans is just tremendous. We've built this store from the ground up and work at it everyday for you. So we appreciate it !

We've decided to give back to the community and beyond due to the overwhelming support. We've partnered with Shopping Gives and we've added the chance for you our fans and customers to support the causes you are passionate about. Starting today you may notice right above the "Add to Cart" button an opportunity to donate 2% of the total sale to causes we've chosen or to a cause you are near and dear to. You can choose from the 6 causes we support, which includes programs for our veterans, fighting hunger, medical research, breast cancer research, education and Hurricane Dorian relief. You also have the option of choosing one of hundreds of charities that you're passionate about either on a nationwide scale or to a charity that might be based in your state. The choice is yours and we will donate it on your behalf.

We believe giving back to the community at large or to nationwide well known charities is a part of the social fabric of our country. To help people is what we're passionate about and we're so excited to be part of this and in addition have you our customer be part of giving back.

Thank you !


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