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You know I love to cook. Growing up I was exposed to different culinary fare due to my ethnic background of being Portuguese and Italian. I remember Sunday dinners at my Grandmother's house where we would gather and enjoy stories as well as my Grandparents in Rhode Island where it would be a different experience. A recipe is passed down from generation to generation.  When you have a certain dish it takes you back to the time you first tasted it and you remember how old you were the smells, the memories ! This is why the idea for a...

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I like to cook ! It’s relaxing, it’s fun to follow something and make something pleasing to the eye but also great tasting to the palette.  It’s the same feeling I get when I finish building a project and can sit back and admire my work.  One of my favorite dishes is a stuffed chicken breast, similar to a chicken Nepiev. I tried it for the first time over a year ago and it was a success !  My wife and I are followers of Keto we believe it works for us so eating healthy low or no carb meals...

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My wife and I went to the Capital Grille for our anniversary one year and we tried the thick coffee rub steak. It was amazing ! Great flavor all around. Of course a trip to the Capital Grille isn’t something we can do every day or every month for that matter so I wanted to try and perfect a coffee rub steak and have my wife try it for an honest review to see if I closely matched the taste of the Capital Grille. She absolutely loves it so I’m going to give you the recipe here and you can...

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